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Carrier Selection

The non-asset based brokerage model allows us to provide our clients with greater capacity and flexibility, while meeting their service-level expectations.

As a non-asset based freight broker, Crestline Logistics relies on independent carriers and drivers to help us deliver our clients’ truckload shipments. We work with motor carriers of all sizes, from single owner/operators to companies with large truck fleets. We are always looking for dependable carriers and drivers to haul for us.

Selection of the right carrier is critical to the success of every load. Each Crestline Customer Logistics Manager follows a clear carrier qualification and set up process.

Carrier Set Up

To be set up as a contracted carrier for Crestline Logistics, a carrier must meet the following criteria:

  • Execute the Crestline Logistics Master Broker-Carrier Agreement
  • An established business for at least one year
  • Motor Cargo insurance of $100,000
  • Auto liability insurance of $1,000,000
  • Add Crestline Logistics as an Additional Insured and Certificate Holder to your policy
  • Satisfactory safety rating from the FMCSA
  • Crestline will have direct contact with drivers via mobile phone, pager, or satellite system

Why Choose Crestline?

Choose us for our:

  • Available loads for most equipment types, including reefers, vans and flatbeds.
  • Long-haul and regional shipments to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • 24/7 dispatch coverage that provide drivers live help at any hour, everyday.
  • Fast & flexible payment options.

We truly believe that carriers are the lifeline of our business. Without their hard work and dedication we could not deliver on our promise of providing our clients with high-quality, dependable transportation service. To begin hauling for Crestline Logistics, join our carrier network today.

“Top Line” Carrier Program

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the bond between Crestline Logistics and our carriers. We want our carriers to know we strive to develop and maintain strong, professional, and lasting relationships. The “Top Line” Carrier Program is designed to strengthen alliances with carriers dedicated to haul regular lanes for Crestline Logistics on a regular basis. “Top Line” carriers will receive:

  • 5-Day Fast Pay: Checks are cut within 5 days of receipt of clean paperwork. All paperwork must be present.
  • “Top Line” website features include
    • Advance Access to Freight: 15-minute access on our website before loads are posted to various freight exchange sites.
    • Equipment Optimization: Better plan the use of your equipment with regular lanes. Have a lane that you need to develop a backhaul for? Call a Crestline Customer Logistics Manager to discuss your needs.
    • Post Capacity: When you are logged in as a “Top Line” Carrier, you can live update your equipment directly to the Crestline database.
    • Payment Updates: Receive real-time status to pending payables.

To qualify for the “Top Line” program, you must haul consistent business for Crestline throughout the year. For additional information and to see if you qualify for the program, please contact us and speak to a Crestline Customer Logistics Manager.